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How to Download Songs on Spotify Without Premium

Spotify is the most popular music streaming platform that allows music lovers to access a huge collection of playlists including songs, and albums. Spotify offers users a free and premium subscription to the streaming service. Spotify has restricted several key features including listening to music with ads for free users. On the other hand, premium Spotify subscribers can enjoy an ad-free experience, listen to songs offline, and download songs.

In this guide, we will learn how to download songs on Spotify without premium account. You can download songs from Spotify without Spotify Premium and store them on your mobile device. Let’s find out how you can download and store free Spotify songs on your Android, iPhone and PC with a free Spotify account.

Is It Possible to Download Spotify Songs without Premium?

Yes, it is possible to download Spotify music without a premium subscription but it is a bit difficult. Spotify offers an offline mode that allows users to download playlists, albums or podcasts to listen to songs offline, for which you must subscribe to Spotify Premium.

Alternatively, you can download songs from Spotify using third-party software or apps. However, Spotify’s terms of service expressly prohibit offline users from downloading music from their platform that is not provided by an official offline mode.

How to Download Spotify Songs Without Premium on Android?

For Android users, there are methods to download Spotify music without a premium account. A popular app is SpotiFlyer, which offers the ability to download Spotify songs for offline listening. Spotiflyer works by extracting audio files from the Spotify app and saving them to your device. Also, you can download songs for free with the help of Telegram bot.

Downloading songs on Spotify for offline listening requires a premium subscription. Without a premium account, you cannot download songs for offline playback. However, you can still listen to free music on Spotify with some limitations, such as ads and the inability to download songs. If you want to legally download free music, consider looking for platforms that offer free music downloads, although they may have their own restrictions and limitations.

Let’s see how you can download music from Spotify without premium on mobile

Download Music On Spotify without Premium on Android Via SpotiFlyer App

You can easily download your favorite Spotify songs from your mobile phone. Below is how to download songs from Spotify with images.

how to download songs from spotify

Download Music On Spotify without Premium on Android Via Telegram Bot

Another way is to use Telegram bot to download Spotify songs without Premium to phone. There are several Spotify downloading bots, TT Audio Bot, Sound2Bot, Spotify Bot, etc.

How to download Spotify songs without premium on iPhone?

For iPhone users, there are many ways to download music on Spotify on iPhone without premium. Here you can get Spotify Premium for free with TweakBox. Let’s see how to download music on Spotify without premium on iPhone.

Download Music On Spotify without Premium on iPhone via TweakBox App

1. Go to TweakBox’s official website on your iPhone. Then tap on the ‘Install’ button to install it. When a pop-up appears, tap ‘Allow’ to continue.

2. Open the Settings app on your iPhone. Then Click on ‘Profile Downloaded’ at the top. Then extract the file to “install”. You will need to enter your iPhone password to authorize the install.

3. After installed, open the TweakBox app. Scroll down and find ‘Tweaked apps’. Look for ‘Spotify++’. Next, touch ‘Install’ to install it.

4. Now, you can open the Spotify app to search for and download songs on your iPhone, all for free.

Download Music On Spotify without Premium on iPhone via Telegram

1. Open the Telegram app and search for the Spotify music downloader in it.

2. Tap on the Spotify bot in Telegram from the list of results, and then tap ‘Start‘.

3. Paste the Spotify song link into the box and click ‘Send‘.

4. Now, tap the ‘download‘ icon to get songs from Spotify for free on your iPhone.

How to download Spotify songs without premium on PC?

Sidify Music Converter is a music converter that allows you to download music from the Spotify platform to your PC locally, whether you are a Spotify-free user or a premium member. You can download Spotify songs to MP3, M4A, WAV and FLAC with Spotify Music Converter on PC. Here we can easily download songs from Spotify with CDify Music Converter.

Download Music On Spotify without Premium on PC via Sidify

You can visit their official website, and download Sidify software from there. Once downloaded, open the software.

Download Music On Spotify without Premium

Then drag the playlist or song from Spotify here. Then when it is loaded here, select the song you want to download and click OK. Then you click the convert button and wait for a while. Then it will download to the output folder you selected.

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Why Won’t My Songs Download on Spotify Premium?

If you’re having trouble downloading music on Spotify Premium, it could be for several reasons. Here’s why you’re having trouble.

1. Check your Premium subscription. Check if your Spotify Premium subscription has expired. You cannot download songs from Spotify unless you currently have a subscription plan.

2. Check your connectivity. Check if you have a stable internet connection. Because downloading requires a network connection.

3. Check your memory storage. Check if your device has enough storage space available for the downloads.

4. App Updates. Ensure your Spotify app is updated to the latest version.

If these steps solve your problem then great. If not you can contact Spotify support.


Music cannot be downloaded without a Spotify Premium subscription. Spotify allows premium users to listen to music offline. Downloading songs without a premium subscription requires the help of third parties which we have discussed. It’s better to subscribe to Spotify Premium without any risk than to violate Spotify’s terms and conditions.