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How to Get Water out of Charging Port Quickly?

What if you accidentally got water in your charging port? But you have no reason to worry, it happens to us many times. Water in the charging port can prevent your device from charging properly. In this guide, we will show you step-by-step some simple methods to safely remove water from your charging port so that you can easily power up your device quickly.

How Do You Get Water Out Of Your Phone’s Charging Port?

Accidentally getting water in your device’s charging port can be frustrating. You can safely remove the water with the right technique and patience. In this guide, I will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to get water out of the charging port when dead.

Turn off your Phone

If you find that water has entered your phone, turn off the phone as soon as possible. Water conducts electricity and even if your phone has low power, water can cause serious damage. Keep your phone off until your mobile is thoroughly dry.

Dry visible water with Towel

Wipe each part of the device with a clean dry lint-free towel to remove any remaining water from the charging port. Continue wiping until all visible water is removed to prevent damage to your device.

Tap Phone to remove Water

Try gently tapping the palm of your hand with the charging port of your device facing down. If the port is on the top, water can get deep into your phone. This can help to expel excess water.

Let Phone air dry naturally

The best way to get water out of your charging port is to let it evaporate naturally. Keep the charging port open where air is actively circulated. Air circulation will dry the port quickly. If possible, keep the charging port facing down while drying your phone.

Wait and check

Allow your device to dry for at least 1 hour, then check your phone’s charging port. If you still see moisture inside the charging port, or if the device still gives errors, you need to wait.

What to avoid when getting water out of a charging port

When removing water from your phone’s charging port, here are some things you should avoid to prevent further damage:

Avoid inserting foreign objects: Avoid inserting anything into your phone’s charging port, such as a cotton swab or paper towel. Doing so can allow moisture to penetrate further in and scratch or displace internal components. It may not work after drying.

Don’t use a Hair dryer: Avoid using a hair dryer to dry your device’s charging port. High heat can damage your device’s internal components and may not remove water effectively.

Don’t put your phone in rice: If you place the phone in rice to remove water from your device’s charging port, the rice may absorb water, and dust or rice particles in the rice may enter your device. Which can cause more problems.

Avoid Shaking: Do not shake your device vigorously to remove water from your device as water may spread to other parts and cause further damage.


How long does it take to get water out of your charging port?

It may take several hours for water to drain from your device’s charging port. It may take several hours to dry after draining the device in a very short time using the above methods.

Can Vibration to get water out of Phone Charging Port?

Vibration alone is unlikely to effectively remove water from your device’s charging port. Gentle vibration may remove some moisture, but it may not remove all water. Better to use other methods to remove water from the charging port.

Can Water in the Charging Port Damage Battery?

Yes, getting water into the charging port can damage the device’s battery. Water can cause a short circuit, which can damage the battery and other internal components of the device So it is important to remove the water from the charging port as soon as possible