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How to turn off the Camera sound on iPhone without muting

Every iPhone makes a sound when you take a picture. This sound is meant to let people nearby know that a photo is being taken. However, some users find this noise annoying. If you want to take a photo quietly without disturbing others, you can turn off the camera sound on your iPhone without muting the entire device.

In this article, I have created a step-by-step guide to help you turn off camera sound on an iPhone without muting.

Why would you want to turn off the camera shutter sound on your iPhone without muting it?

Turning off the camera shutter sound without completely muting your iPhone can be useful for a few reasons. Be careful when shooting in situations where noise may be a problem. This is useful when you might be startled by camera noise when you’re photographing a person or object. This can be convenient for you if you want to take pictures in a quiet environment.

6 Best Way To Disable Camera shutter sound on iPhone Without Muting

1. Take Live Photos

Using Live Photo mode is the easiest and most convenient method to disable camera click noise. When you take a photo using Live Photo mode, your phone captures a 3-second video. So, when using Live Photo, there is no camera shutter sound to capture ambient audio.

This method turns off camera sound without turning off your device. Follow the steps below to do this.

1. Open the Camera app on your iPhone.

2. Then tap the Live Photos icon in the upper right corner of the Camera app to launch Live Photos. When it’s turned on, the Live Photo icon will turn into a white dot.

3. Then tap the shutter button. This way, you can take live photos without sound.

2. Use the volume button

You can turn off the sound by turning down the volume on your iPhone. This will turn off your camera’s shutter sound while taking pictures. Follow the steps below to do this.

1. Press and hold the Volume Down key on your iPhone.

2. Hold the button until the volume slider is completely empty. Now you won’t hear your camera shutter when you take a photo.

3. Turn on the Silent Mode

Another way to mute your iPhone’s camera is to use silent mode. You can silence your iPhone by pushing down on the top left side of the iPhone. As a result, you will no longer get the shutter sound notification sound of your camera. After muting the switch will show a red color.

4. Take a picture while recording a video

Another way to take photos while silencing the camera’s shutter sound is to take photos while recording video. How to do it Follow the steps below:

1. Open your phone’s camera app, and navigate to Video in Camera mode.

2. Then you can start recording a video by pressing the shutter button.

3. While recording the video, tap the white button in the lower right corner and the photo will be captured without any shutter sound.

5. Connect Earphones While Taking Photos

Do you want to take photos from your iPhone silently without muting the ringer? So connect headphones or AirPods to your phone before taking a picture This will transfer the shutter sound to the headphones when you take the photo, so only you can hear the shutter sound.

6. Play music while taking Picture

Another way to turn off camera shutter sound is to turn on music. That is, you can play music on your iPhone while taking pictures. This will not stop the camera sound, but will cover the shutter sound, so that others around cannot hear it

How do I turn the camera shutter sound off on a Japanese iPhone?

To turn off the camera shutter sound from a Japanese iPhone, you can switch the device to silent mode using the mute switch. Otherwise, hold down the volume switch while you take photos. Alternatively, you can use headphones or AirPods while taking photos to divert the sound. These methods help silence the camera’s shutter noise while taking photos.


How do you set timer on the iPhone camera?

To set a timer on your iPhone camera, open the Camera app, tap the timer icon, choose the desired delay (3 or 10 seconds), and tap the shutter button. When the timer starts, it will give you time to get ready before taking the picture.

How do you get grid on iPhone camera?

To enable the grid on your iPhone camera, open the Settings app from your phone, scroll down and tap Camera, then toggle the Grid option. Now when you open the camera app, you will see grid lines on the camera screen.

How do you scan qr code on iphone from camera roll?

To scan a QR code from your iPhone’s camera roll, open the Camera app and focus on the QR code, then tap and hold the screen until a notification pops up, indicating the code has been scanned. You will then be taken to the respective website or app.